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How to Choose Vintage Dresses That Get You Noticed

Vintage clothes are a broad phrase that refers to clothing from a prior era. Today, vintage dressing includes selecting accessories, combining vintage and new outfits, and putting together an ensemble of many styles and eras. The term “vintage” is a colloquialism that refers to all historical clothing styles. On the fashion scene, vintage dresses are nothing new. Their range and quality have grown in recent years, resulting in more ladies adding these dresses to their wardrobes. It would be a mistake to suppose that only models can pull off these looks. Vintage dresses are a must-try fashion trend today since they provide every woman a distinct look and feel.

Most Famous Vintage Dress for Every Decade

The Sakina Metal Embellishment Maxi Dress is a great illustration of how metal embellishment looks great with vintage dresses. This gown exudes just the proper amount of pzazz and drama. The combination of simple lines and sensual cuts creates a flattering style that enhances your form. The unique shape of this dress, made of an assortment of Rayon (90%), Nylon (9%), and Spandex (1%), generates sexy curves, and the maxi hemline is ideal for balancing the entire look. It does an excellent job of emphasizing your hourglass figure.

How to Take Care of Your Vintage Dress?

Our best advice for caring for vintage dresses is to spot-clean them first and to dry-clean them when absolutely required. To spot clean, carefully dunk the dress in cold water, either completely or just the stains. Make sure to use a light detergent and prevent pulling, agitating, or bunching the clothes while they’re being washed. 

Assessing Good Quality 

To achieve the standards of acceptable quality, a vintage dress should have the following attributes. 

  • A rayon, nylon, and spandex combination. Bandage dresses made of polyester or other fabrics are not of good quality. 
  • For a regular short sleeve or sleeveless fit, your dress should feel strong and have a minimum weight of close to 2 lbs. Quality vintage gowns will weigh 50% to 80% more than their less expensive rivals.  
  • The fabric should have a slight sheen or gloss to it. It originates from the fabric’s silk-like properties.
  • Stretch: The dress should be able to extend 3 to 4 inches across your body without difficulty. It should be completely opaque at full stretch. 
  • Your dress should be comfy to wear like a second skin, even if the fit is tight. Its build and strength should provide your body with exceptional support and form.
Occasions Where You Can Rock Vintage Dresses
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