Winter is around the corner, here are a few tips for winter dresses that will keep you warm and still have you looking on top of your game.

With similar appearances, it is always challenging to examine whether a particular dress is of Bandage or Bodycon. In the post, we will share all those key differences between these two dresses.

Hollywood and its cast of powerful, gorgeous women are making their long-anticipated returns to the red carpet. Let’s take a look at the 10 breathtaking looks that female stars put on this year!

A night out with friends is always a memorable time. The one thing we tend to stress about is what we’re going to wear. We’re sharing our 10 favorite dresses to help you find the perfect one for your next night out. 

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Your homecoming dress is one of the first ‘big purchases’ that you’ll make as an adult. We’re sharing everything that you need to know about the homecoming dress code and what kind of dresses to wear for your homecoming.

Your best friend is saying ‘I do’ and you want to give her a bachelorette that she’ll never forget. Whether you’re partying it up in Vegas, jetting off to Paris, or going on a spa weekend, there’s one thing you want to consider. Your bachelorette party dress.

In order to dress like the 80s, you need minimal effort and money. Key components to dress like the ’80s are innovation, creativity, and following the main trends of the ’80s. You can apply most of these methods in your daily life routine without much hassle. 

Black is the color of simplicity, class, elegance. The little black dress has quite the history behind it, and it’s fascinating to see how it evolved from being a mourning garment to an essential signature piece.